Month: July 2015

WiFi connections in the Comet Library and Athens resources

 The public WiFi connection in the library is no longer allowing access to NHS Athens authenticated resources such as ClinicalKey or UpToDate. If you wish to access these resources please do not connect to it, instead use the PCs in the IT suite. The library has invested in a new high-speed wireless connection which should be available by the end of the summer, so hopefully the disruption will be temporary.

This issue does not affect your regular BNF updates to your phone or tablet devices, which work without issue.


iPad Jam at the COMET Library

We have the rooms booked, the iPads are charging and the wireless network has been rebooted.

We also have a blog set up, and we are tweeting @thecometlibrary

We also have a nexus9 device set up to demonstrate NFC Tagging of resources and multiuser tablet devices.

See you there!