Month: November 2015

NICE Medicines Awareness Service

The Medicines awareness service is an email service that provides both current awareness on recent developments and new evidence-based information relating to medicines and prescribing. 

You can choose to receive the service daily or to get a weekly summary of the most important items. You can also limit the content you receive to specific topics; for example, cardiovascular disease, or policy and commissioning.

You can sign up to the Medicines awareness service on the NICE website.

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Library computer room changes

Over the next month the library computer room will have all the public PCs replaced, and upgraded to multimonitors. This however will come with some disruption, and a reduction of available machines for a short period of time. We would like to remind all library users that although non-work use of the PCs is permitted, the priority is for work or work-related personal development and you will be asked to release a machine if we have a queue.

The library however does have 6 lendable iPads and two macbook air laptops available for loan. The ipads can be borrowed for three days and can be taken away from the library. They have a keyboard and preinstalled applications such as the BNF and Best Practice, and links to all the library resources. The library Macbook laptops can be borrowed until 6PM, but are for use only in the library reading room.

If you would like to borrow a device please make sure you bring your library card and ID.