Month: April 2016

Updated Sections of

Our new resource has been updated:

Children’s CPR series
In January, ClinicalSkills loaded the updated series on Children’s CPR to the website. These updates brought the series into line with the 2015 guidelines from the Resuscitation Council (UK). Some older references in these procedures will be updated shortly once new editions are available.

MRSA decolonisation/suppression therapy
This procedure was updated in February. In line with the most recent national guidance, it now no longer recommends the use of antiseptic dusting powder.

Swab collection (including MRSA screening)
The title of this procedure used to be “MRSA screening: swab collection. Updated in March, the new title reflects the fact that it includes some swab sites that are not used in MRSA screening (notably throat swabs). Also, as the current guidance on MRSA screening no longer includes collecting swabs from the axilla, the information on this site has been removed.

New series on Diabetes Care
You’ll find this new series, which launched in March, in the Primary Care section of There are two new procedures (with others to come) on caring for the diabetic patient. One is “Annual review of a diabetic patient”, which covers the checks required every year for someone with diabetes, including foot examination and an algorithm on diabetic foot problems. This procedure cites the new NICE guidance on diabetes which was published in the second half of 2015. The other new procedure on diabetes shows the correct method for measuring a patient’s waist—an important component of the diabetes annual review.

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Microsoft Office on Lendable Laptops


In response to a number of requests, the library lendable laptops now have Microsoft Office 2016 installed.

They also have IBM SPSS Statistical Analysis installed, as the standalone SPSS machine in the library is due for removal due to planned upgrades.

The laptops can be borrowed with a library card until 6.30PM and in the reading room only.


Mood boosting books in the Well at Work collection


The library now contains a shelf of ‘Mood-Boosting Books’ (we are open to suggestions as to the name, as we are a little stuck). It can be found in the Well at Work collection.

The collections aim is to make you smile after a hard day, and all the books have been carefully selected by a librarian regionally to raise your spirits, and boost your mood!