Month: January 2017

Message from TRIP about new features

One of Trip’s main aims is to help users find the best available evidence with the minimum of effort. As such, we’re delighted to announce the latest, possibly greatest, update to the Trip Database. There are some incredibly innovative new features, all there to support your evidence search: 
Answer Engine. We’ve been discussing this for nearly five years and seriously working on it for over twelve months, but it’s worth the wait. Obtain instant answers to your clinical questions, seamlessly integrated in to your search experience. 

SmartSearch. An amazingly useful system to help speed up your search and to help users avoid missing important documents. We analyse the articles you click and use that to predict other articles that are highly relevant. 

Search suggestions. Beautifully incorporated in to your results allowing you to easily produce a more focused search. 

Broken links. Arguably a minor upgrade, but very important. Broken links can be a terrible user experience. Take out your frustrations by hitting the new ‘Broken link’ feature under each result. 

Minor changes. In addition to the above four major changes we’ve also introduced a number of design changes to include tidying up the top of the search results and better displaying the automatic assessment of bias results for controlled trials. (When accessing from NHS computer systems, you now also get access to Trip PRO)