Month: February 2017

Medical Student Evaluation Forms

Would you like to offer feedback as a Medical Student, you can anonymously provide feedback with the below links, from any PC or iPad.



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Teaching Evaluation

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New Procedures on

The procedure on “Administering an enteral feed via a nasogastric tube in infants and young children” is now live on the website and you can find it in the Children’s section, under Feeding and Nutrition in Infants and Children. Demonstrated by Louise Clarke, Helen Reddy and Laura Holliday from the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, this procedure covers bolus feeding and continuous feeding. It emphasizes the need to test gastric aspirate to ensure the nasogastric tube is in the stomach every time the tube is flushed or used for feeding. An algorithm for what to do if aspirate cannot be obtained appears on page 5. Please note, the procedure relates to enteral feeding of infants and young children, but does not cover enteral feeding in neonates.

Latest updates

You will also find several updated procedures on the website:

Aseptic technique has been reviewed and updated, with updated references.

Care of a chest drain Part 4: Removal of a chest drain has been reviewed and updated by the author, with updated references.

Use of patient-controlled analgesia in adults has also been reviewed and updated by the author, with updated references.

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bookmyneYou can now search for books, reserve books and renew your books using the BookMyne app! Available on the Android and Apple app stores, it is a simple and easy way to manage your items.

You will need an updated library account, and your four digit pin number. Your library number is on your library card, underneath the barcode. If you have any issues accessing your account, drop into the library and we can move your account over to the new system.

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