Month: October 2017

Sally Hernando Award for Innovation 2017

The library team has three projects judged to be innovative in the 2017 Sally Hernando Awards. The lendable iPads and the Chromecast Display Boards we both judged to be innovations, and have been added to the LKS innovations database, while the very popular library lendable MacBook laptops were both judged to be innovative and made it to the top 10 entries. Congratulations to the library team for all their hard work!


The Wild Edge of Sorrow and A Grief Observed

Two classic books have arrived discussing the subject of grief and loss. The famous work by C.S Lewis ‘A Grief Observed’ is a journal written upon the loss of his wife,  and has been called ‘a literary answer to the grief of loss’. ‘The Wild Edge of Sorrow’ is a handbook written by the Psychotherapist Francis Weller where he highlights the intimate bond between grief and gratitude, sorrow and intimacy. These books will hopefully be useful learning texts on staff who are both dealing with grief, and are faced with loss on a daily basis.