Library Survey 2018 – Tell us your opinion (and win a sportswatch or powerbank)

The COMET Library is running its yearly survey during the month of June, where you can tell the library what resources, books, and journals you want us to purchase in the coming year, and what developments you would like your library service to focus on:

Some highlights from the 2017 Survey

Last year you told us that :

Hospital Discovery Service

eBooks and eJournals were difficult to find, so we implemented the new library discovery service at

We also added all available resources and discovery services to the single website, as a ‘single site’ for all NHS staff in Bedfordshire to access e-resources and will promote this during the summer.

That there was a shortage of desk space in the library reading room, so we added 5 more study spaces and refreshed the furniture including new chairs and power sockets.

That we needed more exam texts, so we purchased multiples of popular texts to ensure all users get a copy when they need one.

New Study Space

That we should purchase the latest editions of JAMA, Lancet, and NEJM, and the library now has an electronic subscription to JAMA, a paper subscription to the NEJM and the Lancet subscription is forthcoming.

All your answers in the survey are included in the library plans for 18-19, all recommended books are added to the library collection and any comments are discussed by the library team. As an added extra any completed entries have a chance to win a prize of a Garmin Vivofit 3 Sports Watch or one of two mobile phone powerbanks.

The library survey can be found at


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