Knowvember 2018 with the Library – Sign up for our new personalised evidence updates from KnowledgeShare


This November we will be highlighting and showcasing the many ways we mobilise evidence and organisational knowledge. You can take part by signing up to KnowledgeShare!

knowvemberWhat is KnowledgeShare?

 It is our new current awareness service that provides personal evidence updates. It can help you to improve patient care, highlight service improvements and improve your clinical teaching and research. We are signing up as many staff to KnowledgeShare in Knowvember, and we hope you will be the first.

What does this mean?

Regular emails (at the schedule you choose, so as little or as much as you want) highlighting the latest high-impact research, recently released NICE and national guidelines, and new journal articles in your field.

Is it for me? I am non clinical.

Of course! if you have responsibility for training, management or facilities you should still use ‘best-evidence’ to develop your service, and KnowledgeShare will provide this.

What else does it do?

It also records the library training that you have attended, and literature searches requested. you can use this for CPD or revalidation purposes to evidence your development.

Sounds great. I want it!

 Sign up at with your Athens password. Complete the requested forms and most importantly, tell us what your interests are. This will form the basis for your tailored evidence update.

If you don’t have an Athens account, you will need one to access this and all our electronic resources. Sign up at or contact the library at for further information.


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